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Announcing … the Slide Dashboard Widget! August 4, 2006

Posted by jesse in slide.

The Slide Dashboard Widget brings you the coolest Web content in the sleek and beautiful style of the Mac OS X Dashboard. I loved working on the widget because it is a sleek and succinct expression of what Slide is all about: get the stuff you want delivered right to your desktop. You can stay up to date with the latest from Gizmodo, Boing Boing, iTunes New Releases, Cute Overload, Astronomy Picture of the Day, and many other popular web destinations! (Would you like to see some other content? Leave a comment below and I will hook it up for you). You can also watch Slide’s unique “House of Feeds” Slide Show, a collection of hundreds of RSS photo feeds updated in real time. Check it out and Let us know what you think!

Link to download the Slide Dashboard Widget.



1. michaelc - August 6, 2006

cool! i want it!

2. TikiRobot! - August 12, 2006

Slide for Macintosh Goin’ Nuts

Wow! Tons of awesome cool stuff. I haven’t worked this hard since college, and next week is WWDC ….

Download the Slide Dashboard Widget! It’s cute and gorgeous and has cool content to choose from on the back
Another crazy update o…

3. woof! » Blog Archive » slide dashboard widget - August 12, 2006

[…] cool stuff, this […]

4. raj - August 15, 2006

Is there a way to see which slide buddies are online?

It’s hard to Slide Battle with friends if you don’t know if they are online..

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